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How to "Increase" Shipping Errors

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Shipping errors are the bain of every company. Even highly competent and trained staff make errors and the results are always negative. Other symptoms likely to occur:

  • How to increase employee frustration
  • How to increase freight expenses
  • How to impact your supplier rating
  • How to produce scrap parts
  • How to reduce the trust your customer places in you

Many companies choose to ignore the root causes of why these shipping errors occur, and so are doomed to repeat these errors.

The key is to determine why these errors occurred. This can be incredibly difficult, but labelling errors are often the culprit.
A good example is the container is loaded and the customer shipping label is applied to the container. The forklift driver reads that label and ships the container based on that shipping label. Everything looks good and everybody goes home happy.

Next comes that dreaded customer call: "We did not receive what we ordered." Your reply? "Well, the system says that you did receive what you ordered."  In this case, the wrong label was applied to the container. Once that label is applied, the assumption is that the label is correct.

The process must be fixed to prevent shipping errors. A shipping inspection must be performed to ensure that the correct label is applied to the correct container.

Using a mobile computer, the shipping inspection software will ensure that the shipment is correct. A portable printer will print an "OK to ship" for the forklift driver to see.

And then, everybody can head home happy to know that they won't get that dreaded customer call tomorrow.

Ron Ford