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Shootout − Motorola vs. Datalogic

(aka known as Symbol vs. PSC). The two dominant giants in the bar code scanner industry were Symbol and PSC. Not anymore, as Datalogic bought PSC back in 2005 and then Motorola bought Symbol in 2006. The names may be fading, but the products are still excellent.
On to the shootout. This one is tough, as there are no equal competitors. We are analyzing their linear cordless bar code scanners, which will scan a 1D bar code and transmit back to the base station.
The contestants are the Motorola LI4278 and the Datalogic QM2100 and GM4100 models. The Motorola LI4278 falls right into the middle of the Datalogic scanners. We prefer to focus on how 'snappy' the scanner picks up the bar code. We also focus on the ruggedness and how these scanners will survive multiple drops to concrete, which is a normal day in the life of a cordless scanner.
So who wins the shootout? If you are looking to scan a linear bar code from a longer distance than 12", then the Motorola scanner is the way to go. It also does a great job at 'normal' distances. If you want an inexpensive and reliable scanner, then the Datalogic QM2100 is the best choice for the budget. Or stretch the budget a bit, and you can have the GM4100, which gives you a rugged scanner with the 'Green Spot'.
There is no wrong answer with these three cordless scanners.

Ron Ford