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November 2011

We are a mobile society and we don't want to be tied down to a desk with an old style computer and an old style phone.

That's why I'm loving the new rugged cell phones that doubles as a rugged mobile computer for the mobile worker.

These phones do not compete against the consumer smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry or Android), but are geared to the user that works with a cell phone, walkie talkie, and a laptop.

This new breed of phone is called an "EDA" (Enterprise Digital Assistant). You will also see it marketed as a Rugged PDA or Professional PDA.

All the top brands are coming out with their feature packed phones: Motorola, Honeywell, Intermec, and Psion Teklogix.

The useful life is measured in years, whereas a consumer phone would be measured in months if subjected to the daily abuse that the EDA can withstand.

These EDAs are about the same size as your consumer smartphone, but they are thicker and heavier. They have to pack in all the toys: colour touch screen, full keypad, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, colour camera, stylus, and removable battery for a full day's use.

The colour camera doubles as a bar code scanner, so that the user can scan any bar code, not just the QR code used in advertising now.

These units can communicate via Rogers, Bell or Telus in Canada for cellular connections, or WiFi 802.11 b/g if you are inside the four walls, or at StarBucks.

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Ron Ford