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AGiiLE Quoted in 2020 Magazine

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We are quite pleased that AGiiLE was quoted in an article by Jonathan Hiltz in 2020 Magazine on manufacturing productivity and how bar codes can help manufacturers become more productive and efficient with bar code technology.

The article highlights bar code technology with the following quote:

  "Ron Ford is the president of AGiiLE Inc., which is a full service bar code integrator. They install bar code hardware and software into industrial plants or warehouses in order to help the company track their inventory. “Automation is at the core of our business as we help companies automate their processes. If a company is tracking their inventory with a clipboard, we can replace that clipboard with a bar code scanner."

  "Ford sees bar codes and other organizational and tracking technology to be a big factor in the future of logistics and automation. He thinks that the technology will continue to be more adaptable and easier to implement, which will mean “companies will be quicker to adopt these tools to make their jobs more efficient and productive.""

The article also quotes another leading London company, Konnexio, and Konrad Konnerth's view on the future of automation.

The entire article can be viewed online at 2020 Magazine: Productivity on Autopilot

Bar codes have come a long way in the last two decades but there is still a long way to go to get everyone onboard.....that keeps us excited here at AGiiLE....


Ron Ford