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Add 71% if Catalog Shopping

Catalog Shopping

Catalog shopping is a convenient way to purchase shipping supplies, but what is the extra cost?

You want to buy a barcode printer, and you have a convenient catalog that allows you to buy all your shipping supplies. So you go to their online site and select the industrial Zebra printer for $2107 with a shipping cost of $41 and you add it to the cart.

You see that they also sell Zebra barcode scanners, and it is only $215 plus $18 shipping, so you add that to the order too.

So how did you do? Did you save any money?

Your total cost of one printer and one scanner from the catalog costs about $2400. If you had purchased the same equipment from the friendly folks at AGiiLE, you could get that same printer and seven scanners. Yes, you can get an additional six scanners for free.

That is an extra 50% for the printer and a whopping 71% for the scanner.

We are so nice at AGiiLE, that we cover the cost of freight for all hardware. If you want to get more for your budget and want to chat more, please drop us a line at or give us a call at 519-488-4807 anytime.


Ron Ford