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Honeywell Tariff Effective October 1st

Honeywell Tariff

Following is the Honeywell announcement concerning the United States tariffs:

"The United States government has recently announced trade actions that will likely impact the tariff structure on several product categories that Honeywell imports into the United States. In compliance with the tariff structure and in conjunction with other pricing actions already in effect, Honeywell will be adding a tariff surcharge to all impacted products sold and shipped from the United States."

"Honeywell will be implementing this tariff surcharge as a percentage of the product list price, and at this time anticipate up to a 25% surcharge for impacted products (see list of SKUs by clicking image to right). At this time, the exact list of SKUs and final surcharge percentage may vary and Honeywell therefore reserve the right to adjust both the SKU list as well as surcharge percentage as the trade actions are formalized."

As AGiiLE buys our Honeywell products from the United States, this will affect us in Canada as well. We expect that the other manufacturers will follow suit shortly.

If you would like more information, please let us know by dropping us a line at and we will help you out.


Ron Ford