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Solving Problems One Bar Code at a Time

My view of the world is a wee bit skewed to the thoughts that bar codes can help everyone.

I have often thought that our home could be more efficient with a grocery database and an inventory of what we have in the pantry. When something was removed to be eaten, that family member would simply scan the bar code to indicate that the item needed to be purchased again and a pick list would be printed to take to the grocery store. My dream has yet to be fulfilled, as not all the family is onboard with my fantastic idea.

Fortunately, the corporate world sees my point of view.

However, buying a bar code printer and a bar code scanner does not mean that your operation is now going to run flawlessly. I have seen some excellent installations and I have seen some that were not as stellar (is unstellar a word?).

What is the difference? They all printed and scanned bar codes, didn't they? Of course, there are many answers, but the implementation is usually the key. And a key part of the implementation is the acceptance of the new and improved process, which is why I need to work on my family a little more so they see the wisdom of my grocery application.

Ron Ford