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How to Print the Perfect Label

Many companies realize that the label on their boxes reflects their company’s image. They want to ensure that every label looks good. It is one piece of their marketing strategy.

A dedicated label printer is the best way to go. First, decide which printer is going to print these labels. The choices are laser, inkjet, direct thermal or thermal transfer printers. My recommendation is a thermal transfer printer to print a high quality label.

Don’t all printers create a high quality label? The short answer is “maybe”. If you are printing a bar code on these labels, then there are rules that must be followed to print that perfect bar code.

For example, you may be using a bar code font. If so, there are rules to create that bar code.

For example, did you know that a Code 39 bar code requires an asterisk as both the prefix and the suffix? OK, all the bar code geeks can put down their hands....

So why is printing a perfect bar code important? At some point, that bar code will be scanned. And if it is a poor quality bar code, then somebody is not going to be happy when it does not scan quickly (or scan at all!).

Ron Ford