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Zebra ZT410 Product Features

Bar Code Printing

AGiiLE presents the Zebra ZT410 as the newest contender in the industrial bar code label printer game. The ZT410 is a rugged 4" printer with lightning fast print speeds that will print both direct thermal and thermal transfer labels. It is the direct replacement for the popular ZM400 printer, but with significant improvements.

In our opinion, the top features are:

  • The folding cover is perfect for tight spaces
  • The printhead lifts straight up instead of pivoting
  • The inside cabin lights illuminate the media path
  • Troubleshooting is easier by scanning the QR code to watch a video on your Smartphone

The ZT410 is well connected - ethernet, USB, serial and Bluetooth are standard and parallel and wireless are optional.

A quick view into the printer: Lift the printhead lever, and the labels are threaded under the printhead and out the front. The fresh ribbon roll goes on the supply spindle and threads under the printhead to the take-up spindle. Then push the printhead down and lock it in place.

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Quickly & Easily Count Inventory

Bar Code Scanning

AGiiLE presents a simple and easy method of counting inventory using bar codes, a mobile computer and Excel spreadsheet.
The first step is to label all the products with a bar code and all the locations with a bar code.
To start counting inventory, scan the location bar code first and then scan the part number bar code in that location.
Then enter the quantity and number of units using the keypad. Finally, scan the asset tag to confirm that the inventory has been counted.
Once the inventory has been counted, dock the mobile computer and the data will upload to the PC. Now open the file in Excel and all your collected data is there.
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TechAlliance Success Stories: AGiiLE

Smart Printing and Shipping Inspection software is highlighted in AGiiLE's interview with TechAlliance

AGiiLE is all about bar codes - bar codes, bar codes, bar codes....

My background has always been in computers. I started at IBM and then went to Honeywell's Intermec division, which manufactures bar code equipment.

AGiiLE was started about 5 years ago (in 2009) and we are doing bar code implemntations - software, hardware, services and supplies.

The name AGiiLE comes from a spelling mistake when we wanted a dot com web site and the only way to do that was to create a spelling mistake.

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Printing a Bar Code Label with Only a Printer

Demonstrating Smart Printers

Smart printing is the best way to print a bar code label as it is simple and fast.
There is no need for a PC, no need for a network, no need for any PC software and no need for any PC database; it's all in the printer.
Let's show an example of how it works.
This is a simple product label with a bar code and the product description.
The user scans the product they want from a menu, then selects the number of labels using the keypad and then the printer immediately starts printing the labels.
First, we design the label. Then, we load the program and database onto the printer and it's ready to print.
The smart printer has a PC processor that prompts the user through all the questions and the labels start printing.
So no more pain, no PC viruses, no offline network, no Windows crashes, and no hard drive crashes.
It's all simple and fast.

How to Print the Perfect Bar Code Label

Featuring the Intermec PM43

We are going to show you how to print the perfect bar code label.
We want to print a standard product label that shows the part number, description, and quantity.
For a high-quality bar code, we need to select a high-quality label printer.
Today, we are showcasing the Intermec PM43 Industrial Label printer.
We will use good label printing software, such as Bartender that will use Excel as the database to ensure an accurate label.
In the label printing software you will type in the desired part number.
The software will use the Excel table to look up the correct description and quantity for that part number.
Then just press print to send the label to the printer, and that's all there is to it.

How AGiiLE Can Help

Improving Your Inventory Accuracy

In today's world, we are expected to do more with less, but maintain a high degree of accuracy in the process.
AGiiLE can help. We provide companies with the hardware and software tools to print and to scan bar codes.
For example, a labelling error can turn out to be quite expensive for a company and their customer.
This can result in a large fine and a loss in supplier confidence.
AGiiLE can provide a customized solution that will remedy these shipping errors.
With accurate information, your company can effectively manage inventories and approach shipping accuracies which will reduce costs and increase profitability.
An AGiiLE bar code system can help companies achieve these goals.