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2D Barcode Scanners

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These 2D barcode scanners will scan any barcode, both linear and 2D and can be be either tethered or cordless.


Zebra ( Motorola )

Corded and Cordless Bar Code Scanners

Zebra DS3608

Zebra DS3608 Corded Scanner

Zebra DS3678

Zebra DS3678 Cordless Scanner

Zebra DS8100

Zebra DS8100 Scanner

Zebra DS2200

Zebra DS2200 Scanner

Motorola DS4800

Zebra DS4800 Corded Scanner

Motorola DS6708

Zebra DS6708 Cordless Scanner

Motorola DS6878

Zebra DS6878 Corded Scanner

Motorola DS3578

Zebra DS3578 Cordless Scanner

Motorola DS4308

Zebra DS4308 Corded Scanner

Motorola DS457

Zebra DS457 FixedScanner

Motorola DS6700

Zebra DS6700 Corded Scanner

Motorola DS6707-DP

Zebra DS6707-DP Corded Scanner

Motorola DS9808

Zebra DS9808 Corded Scanner

Motorola RS507

Zebra RS507 Cordless Imager

Motorola RS6000

Zebra RS6000 Cordless Scanner

Motorola RS4000

Zebra RS4000 Corded Scanner

Honeywell / Intermec

Corded and Cordless Bar Code Scanners

Honeywell 1450g

Honeywell 1450g Corded Scanner

Honeywell 1452g

Honeywell 1452g Cordless Scanner

Honeywell 1980i

Honeywell 1980i Corded Scanner

Honeywell 1981i

Honeywell 1981i Cordless Scanner

Honeywell 1602g

Honeywell 1602g Cordless Scanner

Honeywell 8670

Honeywell 8670 Cordless Scanner

Honeywell 8650

Honeywell 8650 Cordless Scanner

Intermec SF61

Intermec SF61 Cordless Scanner

Intermec SG20

Intermec SG20 Cordless Scanner

Intermec SR31

Intermec SR31 Corded Scanner

Intermec SR61

Intermec SR61 Cordless Scanner

Intermec SR61T

Intermec SR61T Corded Scanner

Honeywell Voyager 1400g

Honeywell 1400g Corded Scanner

Honeywell 1900

Honeywell 1900 Corded Scanner

Honeywell 1902

Honeywell 1902 Corded Scanner

Honeywell 1910i

Honeywell 1910i Corded Scanner

Honeywell 1911i

Honeywell 1911i Cordless Scanner

Honeywell 3780

Honeywell 3780 Omnidirectional Scanner


Corded and Cordless Bar Code Scanners

Datalogic 7000

Datalogic 7000 Corded Scanner

Datalogic CO5300

Datalogic CO5300 Corded Scanner

Datalogic GBT4100

Datalogic GBT4100 Cordless Scanner

Datalogic GD4100

Datalogic GD4100 Corded Scanner

Datalogic GD4100-HC

Datalogic GD4100-HC Corded Scanner

Datalogic GD4300

Datalogic GD4300 Corded Scanner

Datalogic GD4400

Datalogic GD4400 Corded Scanner

Datalogic GM4100

Datalogic GM4100 Cordless Scanner

Datalogic GM4400

Datalogic GM4400 Cordless Scanner

Datalogic PBT7100

Datalogic PBT7100 Cordless Scanner

Datalogic PBT8300

Datalogic PBT8300 Cordless Scanner

Datalogic PD7100

Datalogic PD7100 Corded Scanner

Datalogic PD8300

Datalogic PD8300 Corded Scanner

Datalogic PD8500

Datalogic PD8500 Corded Scanner

Datalogic PD8590

Datalogic PD8590 DPM Corded Scanner

Datalogic PD9500

Datalogic PD9500 Corded Scanner

Datalogic PD9530

Datalogic PD9530 DPM Corded Scanner

Datalogic PM8300

Datalogic PM8300 Cordless Scanner

Datalogic PM8500

Datalogic PM8500 Cordless Scanner

Datalogic QD2100

Datalogic QD2100 Corded Scanner

Datalogic QD2300

Datalogic QD2300 Corded Scanner

Datalogic QD2400

Datalogic QD2400 Corded Scanner

Datalogic QM2100

Datalogic QM2100 Cordless Scanner

Datalogic QW2100

Datalogic QW2100 Corded Scanner

Datalogic TD1100

Datalogic TD1100 Corded Scanner