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Asset Tracking Example

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Tracking assets is a difficult chore, as the assets usually do not sit still. These can be laptop computers, printers, VOIP phones, cell phones, desks, chairs, or vehicles.

The first step is to setup the database with all the assets, and the description and locations of those assets. A bar code label is then applied to all the assets.

Once the assets have been labeled and the information is entered into the database, then the asset tracking can begin.


  • Easy-to-Use PC Interface
  • Room and Asset Barcode Label Printing
  • Robust Reporting with Scope and Sort Capabilities
  • Purchasing History and Depreciation Calculations
  • Robust SQL Database
  • Import and Export with Microsoft Excel
  • Flexible User Defined Fields
  • Intuitive Mobile Computer Screens
  • Ability to Add Attachments & Maintenance Records
  • Single or Multi-User Network Versions


  • Increase speed of tracking assets
  • Improve accuracy
  • Track IT Related Information
  • Monitor warranty and lease expirations
  • Maintain insurance records
  • Comply with government regulations
  • Meet audit requirements
  • Improve depreciation reporting
  • Minimize paperWork
  • Create One Central Asset Repository
  • Keep History of Asset Use


  • User signs onto the mobile computer with their employee number
  • User enters the location (example: office)
  • User scans the bar code on the asset
  • User moves onto next item until all assets in that location have been scanned

Complete Solution:

Mobile Computers


Motorola LS2208

Standard Edition

Intermec CK3

Mobile Edition

Asset Tracking Screenshots

The Asset Tracking Solution has the following major tabs:

  • Master Data: enter basic data used by the rest of the system
  • Asset Data: enter asset data including description, purchasing, user fields, IT, maintenance and attachments
  • Inventory: take a physical inventory of assets
  • Reporting: generate asset, inventory, depreciation, warranty, lease reports and print bar codes
  • Sync Handheld: sync the mobile computer with PC database (mobile edition only)
  • Admin: network, back up data, import data, purge data and manage user security

Master Data Tab

Asset Tracking
  • Organization: corporate information, buildings, rooms
  • Departments: Human Resources, Purchasing, Accounting, Sales
  • Custodians: Who has responsibility (asset owner) ‐ phone, email
  • Asset Types: Computers, furniture, printers, vehicles
  • Purchasing
    • Manufacturers
    • Vendors
    • Accounting (general ledger reference)
    • Depreciation class: straight line, declining balance, double declining balance, sum of years digits
  • Status: Condition (fair, good, poor)
  • User Fields: up to 50 customized fields can be added
    • Field Name: colour, weight, size, etc.
    • Field Type: check box, date, decimal, dropdown, integer, text

Asset Data Tab

Asset Tracking
  • Main Data
  • Purchasing: warranty
  • User Fields
  • IT/Maintenance: serial number, MAC address
  • Attachments: asset picture or PDF

Inventory Tab

Asset Tracking
  • Manage
  • Scan Sheets
  • Asset Count

Reporting Tab

Asset Tracking
  • Master Data
  • Asset Data
  • Inventory
  • Label Printing

Sync Handheld Tab (Mobile Edition only)

Asset Tracking
  • Sync handheld
  • Result
  • Fields to Update
  • RFID Settings

Admin Tab

Asset Tracking
  • Network
  • Label Setup
  • Back Up
  • Import Data
  • Purge Data
  • Security