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Inventory Count

AGiiLE presents a simple and easy method of counting inventory

Easy to use system uses bar codes, a mobile computer and Excel spreadsheet

Bar Code Duplication

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  • The first step is to label all the products with a bar code and all the locations with a bar code
  • To start counting inventory, scan the location bar code first and then scan the part number bar code in that location
  • Then enter the quantity and number of units using the keypad. Finally, scan the asset tag to confirm that the inventory has been counted
  • Once the inventory has been counted, dock the mobile computer and the data will upload to the PC. Now open the file in Excel and all your collected data is there

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Complete kit includes:

  • Mobile computer with integrated bar code scanner
  • Inventory Count Software
  • Desktop dock with USB cable to connect to PC

Complete Solution:

Honeywell CK3 Mobile Computer

Mobile Computer

AGiiLE Inventory Count Software

Mobile Software

Upload data

Desktop Dock