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Label Design

The perfect bar code label will look good and ensure that it is easily scanned.

Label Design Example Label Design Example

A poorly printed label reflects poorly on your company to your customers.

To print the perfect label, select a bar code label printer with quality labels.

These PC label software packages will support popular label printers:

  • Loftware
  • BarTender
  • Nice Label
  • LabelView, LabelMatrix, CodeSoft

Or is a SmartPrinter Kit the best fit?

  • Just the printer - no PC or PC software
  • The printer runs a program that poses questions
  • Complete SmartSystem kits start at $1000

  • AGiiLE can sell, install and customize these label printing software packages to your specifications and can create a database with your part numbers and descriptions to make label printing fast, easy and accurate.

    • The first step is to determine all the fields that you want on the label - bar codes and text fields
    • Then determine where the data will come from - Excel, Access, user input
    • What size label do you need? For shipping labels, 4" x 6" is the most popular

    If you have questions about the Label Printing application, please fill in the Request Form

    Complete kit includes:

    • Bar Code Label Printer
    • Label Software
    • Labels & Ribbons

    Complete Solution:

    Intermec PM43 Label Printer

    Bar Code Printer

    Label Design Software

    Label Software

    Upload data

    Labels & Ribbons