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All hands on deck at inventory time and you need more equipment. The best bet is to rent extra mobile computers with integrated bar code scanner to get the job done. We also have software, bar code scanners and bar code printers to get the job done.

Our most popular rental units are the Intermec CK3 and CN70e mobile computers.

The Intermec CK3 and CN70 are rugged mobile computers with the following features:Intermec CK3 Rental

  • Integrated bar code scanner scans linear and 2D bar codes
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g
  • Internet browser
  • Colour touchscreen
  • Full alphanumeric keypad
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Batch mode can be uploaded through dock

Optional accessories can be added:

  • Single communication dock with battery charger
  • Quad battery charger
  • Pistol grip handle
  • Terminal emulation software (VT/ANSI, 5250, 3270)
  • Inventory Control software for counting inventory

Optional Accessories

Intermec CK3

Pistol Grip Scan Handle

Intermec CK3

Single Communication Dock

Intermec CK3

Quad Battery Charger

Inventory Software

Inventory Software

To learn more about our Inventory Software solution, please watch our short video:

Complete Suite of Rental Equipment and Software

Intermec CK3

Mobile Computers

Inventory Software


Intermec SG20

Bar Code Scanners

Intermec PC43

Bar Code Printers