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AGiiLE offers several ways to help you accurately track your inventory, with the use of a mobile computer and tracking software.

The goal of counting inventory is to ensure that the actual inventory is accurate. Many companies still use a clipboard to do their physical inventories and cycle counts. This is a laborious process that is time consuming and must be performed quickly in order to allow any discrepancies to be corrected.

A mobile computer will make life easier, more accurate and more productive and efficient.

The process is as follows: Inventory Software

  • User signs onto the mobile computer with their employee number
  • User scans the bar code on the part
  • User enters the actual quantity count
  • User moves onto next item

Cycle counting follows a similar process, but the user would be directed to count certain items, usually by location or by critical items.

To learn more about our Inventory Software solution, please watch our short video:

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